Barristers specialise in courtroom advocacy, drafting legal pleadings and giving expert legal opinions. They can be contrasted with solicitors who have more direct access with clients. Barristers act primarily as advocates with rights of audience in all Courts within the jurisdiction.

When called to the Bar, barristers are sworn in as 'Officers of the Court'. As such they are integral to Australia's three part system of government comprising the legislative, executive and judicial branches. Barristers, through their oath to the Court, play a fundamental role in maintaining the rule of law.  

Barristers' work dress is very traditional in that they are required to wear a horsehair wig when they appear as advocates in trials in the higher courts. This consists of a black gown, bar jacket and jabot with strips of white cotton called 'bands' hanging before a wing collar. This makes them collectively easy to distinguish, but individually more anonymous. 

Our Barristers

  • Toby Nielsen
    Personal Injuries Law, Civil/Commercial Litigation and Family Law.
  • Geoffrey Barr
    Personal Injuries Law, Civil and Commercial Litigation, Contract Disputes, Inquests, Estate Litigation and Criminal Matters.
  • Michael White
    Commercial and Civil Litigation, Criminal Law and Family Law.
  • Melissa Cullen
    Practises in Family Law.
  • Simone Bain
  • Lily Brisick
  • David Fahl
  • Clem van der Weegen
    Criminal Law, Family Law, Administrative, Personal Injury, Equity and Trusts, and Commercial.
  • Simon Lewis
  • Mark McAuley
    Criminal Law, Personal Injuries, Civil Law and Family Law.
  • Cathryn McConaghy
    Child Protection, Professional and Medical Negligence, Personal Injury, Contracts and Equity Relief, Administrative Law, Employment Law, Human Rights and Discrimination, Family Law, Criminal Law, Intellectual Property, and Inquests and Inquiries.
  • Dianna Worrell
    Corporate Law, commercial disputes including contract law, insolvency, property and corporation matters including director and officer liability and shareholder disputes, succession matters.





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