Sunshine Coast Barristers Chambers were founded by Stephen Courtney and John Parker in 2001.   

Originally situated at Memorial Avenue, Maroochydore, the Chambers grew in numbers and relocated to our current location:- 

Sunshine Coast Barristers Chambers 

Suite 4, Level 3

“Platinum Professional Suites”

14 Duporth Avenue


The Barristers in Chambers have experience in a broad range of areas and accept Briefs in all State and Federal jurisdictions.   

Sunshine Coast Barristers Chambers has a well appointed boardroom named after Magistrate John Parker which caters for conferences and mediations.

Chambers are situated a short walk from the Maroochydore Court House and Maroochydore Police Station.

The Maroochydore Court has two District Court Judges and some six Magistrates. 

The Court is also a Circuit Court of the Federal Magistrates Court. 

Maroochydore Court hosts hearings of the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal and other Tribunals and Organisations on request to the Court House.  Liability for all work performed by barristers in Chambers is limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation.